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What PetSmart Knows About the Suffering and Deaths of the Animals It Sells

Managers of individual PetSmart stores (there are nearly 800 of them) often send "Pet Health Feedback Forms" describing the health of animals in the store to PetSmart's corporate office, which in turn shares problems and complaints with the supplier. Listed below are excerpts from PetSmart staff reports about animals who were bred at Rainbow World Exotics and shipped to PetSmart stores. These are a tiny fraction of countless records depicting the suffering that so many animals at Rainbow World Exotics and PetSmart and other pet stores endure every day.

  • "Rabbits were diagnosed with coccidia and ear mites after arriving in store."
  • "Difficulty breathing, feet were turning blue …"
  • "Eaten by cage-mates."
  • "I can’t tell if she has ringworm or if she is just pulling her hair out."
  • "Labored breathing, non-responsive to touch, limp body."
  • "Looks like its [sic] not going to make it."
  • "She got [bitten] to death. She is still alive but wounded pretty bad."
  • "[O]ne in bunch mauled the others, ripped ears, eyes missing …"
  • "Hamster had severe wet-tail … [appeared] to have had a stroke/seizure, back limbs became paralyzed."
  • "In new arrival, dead last night … please give credit."
  • "Upper [respiratory] infection, lungs clicking."
  • "Only has three legs."
  • "About to die."
  • "Severe wet-tail, two died today."
  • "Wet-tail/prolapsed rectum, bleeding."
  • "Very weak, eyes won’t open, breathing heavy, back foot looked injured, died 07/29/07."
  • "Wet-tail, [more] severe. Prognosis bad."
  • "They died in shipment."
  • "Very skinny, dehydrated, swollen eyes, and [diarrhea]."
  • "Guinea pig, itching & hair loss under belly and on neck, slight abrasion on neck, also patch of hair on foot missing …"
  • "Attacked and killed by the other hamsters."
  • "Hairless rat has head tilt and very dry peeling skin."
  • "Appeared to have injured back leg. It was also very weak and breathing heavy."
  • "Birds weaned 2 days prior to shipping per [delivery] driver, stressed due to delivery, not eating at all … very lethargic and small."
  • Countless reports stating: "Died after 24-hours," "bites/fight wounds," "diarrhea," "wet-tail," "loss of appetite," "neurological problems," "hair loss," "skin infection," "eye-injury," "respiratory infection," "skin fungus," "parasites," "aggressive," and "ill or injured."

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